“My Stories” by Marcedis Jordan


The Bethany Book Club recently met after reading “My Stories” by Marcedis Jordan. This book is a collection of stories written by the mom of a long time precious, devoted member of Bethany church, Jayne Jordan. Jayne has been an invaluable member of Bethany for more years than she would care to tell you! She has served as elder, clerk, Sunday school teacher, writer ,pastry chef and most important, delightful friend to all.

Jayne is a creative soul, so it was really no surprise to find out that her mom was also a talented author who wrote for magazines and local newspapers. Marcedis was also active in her church and wrote for her church bulletin. Many of her stories relayed the Christian message in a simple but beautiful way. In addition, there were many stories of the love and angst of families; some poignant, some funny, but all interesting and relatable.


Jayne hosted the book club gathering and we all huffed and puffed up to her 6th floor walk up apt! It was worth the calorie burning effort as we gathered in her artfully decorated candle-lit home.


Here is a small excerpt that I found particularly moving from one of the stories called “Who Am I?”

“I don’t know who I am. The chances are that you don’t know who you are, either. Sure, you have a name, probably have a social security number. You have your daily work, your home, your activities, your friends. These things you know but few of us know who we really are.

This is what I mean. Deep down in the very core of our being there is a portion of God. He breathed into each of us an individual breath, and with it, and individual mission to be performed on this earth. Until this is carried out, we have not found out who we truly are. ”


Thank you Jayne and Marcedis for reminding us of the beauty in not only family and friends but the love of God as manifested through us all.


Check back in with us for the next excerpt of the Bethany Book Club Chronicles……