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Our Mission & Vision

We are a “come as you are” church community “in the heart of the city with the people of the city in our hearts.” We are followers of Jesus Christ who believe in the power of prayer and God’s transforming love. We are a diverse and united family of faith, growing and serving together, with hospitality and resourceful enrichment for all who come to worship with us.

Consistory at Bethany

The consistory at Bethany is a team of faithful servants who look after many affairs of the church behind the scene. They have answered the call to lead and share the burdens of His church.

Sylvia Simpfendorfer Ishmael– Elder, Vice President
Jean Sanchez-Elder,and Christian Education Chair
Susan McMahon-Deacon and Clerk of the Consistory
Deepika Srivastava – Deacon
Greater Consistory Members:
Susan Bhyunn, Jayne Jordan, Harold Steed, and Oriel Sanchez

Rev. Sharon Atkins, Pastor

Rev. Sharon Marie was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica, to Lurline and Edson Atkins.  Raised in Brooklyn, New York, Sharon is a graduate of the NYC Public School System, Medgar Evers College (CUNY) and New Brunswick Theological Seminary.

Sharon has been active in the Reformed Church for many, many years.  As a member of Grace, where she has been since her youth, God has led her to such positions as Youth Director, Deacon, Elder, Minister for Christian Education and Associate Pastoral Minister of Word and Sacrament of GRC Mansion of God.

Rev. Atkins asserts that her greatest achievement so far is to have become a sanctified woman of God.   The call upon her life to be committed to service within the Kingdom of God has not always been easy.  But she believes that so long as she stands fast in the Word, and continues to  follow God’s direction in ALL things, the Lord will provide a path.

Rev. Atkins  truly   believes  that   everyone   has  a purpose  in  ministry   within   God’s  Kingdom, and each person  must  aim to  discover  his or her gift(s), and seek God’s guidance towards  using those gifts for the Kingdom.   If everyone does this, then truly God’s work will be done on earth.

With her new Pastorate at the Bethany Memorial Reformed Church,

Rev. Atkins, with the help of God and the community that she has been called to serve, will continue to spread the Good  News  of Jesus Christ to a lost and broken world, so loved by God.


Laura Cohan, Director of Music

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